One Year Anniversary of Repeal of Net Neutrality

June 11, 2019 was the one year anniversary of the Ajit Pai  led repeal of net neutrality regulations.  Pai is the Trump appointed Chair of the FCC and a cable industry insider – a former Associate General Counsel at Verizon, among other positions.  After being appointed Chair of the FCC, he closed an investigation of Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile.  According to a Courage Campaign Mailer, the repeal of net neutrality has facilitated “throttling” (slowing internet speeds for non-premium customers) by cable companies, some of it dangerous to life and property:

During California’s worst-ever wildfire, Verizon throttled the Santa Clara Fire Department’s unlimited data plan, putting lives in danger.(1) T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T were caught throttling access to YouTube and Netflix, and AT&T zero-rated its own video service to encourage customers to use it.(2,3) CenturyLink forced customers who had already paid for internet to watch ads before unthrottling their speeds.(4)

[Citations in quote at end of article]

On Tuesday, advocacy groups pushed a bill to restore net neutrality in the Senate.  Predictably, Republican Senators blocked it.


Citations in Courage Campaign quote:

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